A week without my phone

It has been a week since I’ve been without a phone. It is not much, but considering that people cannot stand a few hours without their phone, I think I can give some insights on what its like to not have one for more than a couple of days. Long story short, I lost it and prior to that I cancelled my carrier service so not only I am without a phone but also without a number. Add to this the fact that I am absent of social media and, by today standards, I am basically unreachable. I decided to wait a while before I get myself a new device just to feel the experience.

Rather than telling you how liberating it is to be away from the internet all the time(it is, for the most part) I will go ahead and tell you a couple of things I started noticing once you go phone free.

People are terrified of being alone.


For most people their phone is a drug. A way of escapism into the comfort of familiarity in an otherwise isolated environment. They don’t use their phone to get useful information or to communicate with friends and relatives. No, they glue their face to the screen because they are afraid of what lies outside: The darkness, or to be more precise, being left alone with your own thoughts.

It is fear what drives these people to spend hundreds of dollars in equipment and internet service. Their phone is their best friend, their lover, someone they can trust. Without it they feel awkward and insecure, vulnerable. It is astonishing that even when you are surrounded with people you feel the need to check your phone, just so you don’t feel lonely for a second.

Next time you reach out your phone think for a second why you are doing it. Often it is because you feel the need of human interaction.

Internet has become an addiction.


Chances are that, unless you own a business that requires you to be always connected, you don’t need great amounts of data in your cell phone plan. For me, having 1 Gigabyte of data was enough, I don’t have Instagram or Facebook, so my need for internet was very little. However I see people going up to 10 to 20 Gigabytes. When I ask them why they need so much, given that they have WiFi in their homes and workplace, they always say that they need it for when they are driving, waiting for someone, or just grocery shopping.

These are subtle indicators of internet addiction. This is linked to the first fact of this list, an inability to cope with being just simply by themselves, alone.

On top of that, the vast majority of people use the internet to check out memes, pornography, Tinder and fake news. Only the 1% use it to do some actual research, engage in meaningful interactions or so business. The rest use it for garbage that fills your head with wrong ideas and it’s also a huge time waster.

You are less anxious when you are off the internet.


There are statics out there that show how many times a person unlocks their phone with no particular reason other than to check if there is something new to look at. It is depressing. Imagine being disappointed hundreds of times throughout the day when you check your notifications and you see nothing. Or worse, you see bullshit from whats app groups about crap that does’t concern you. Either way it is always a dull experience to see nothing of value in those notifications and you are left unsatisfied. Even the most popular girl who spams dozens of photos on every social media gets anxious and sad when their pictures don’t reach the 100 like mark.

When you limit the means of communication then you start expecting less. Instagram is one of the most depressing social media platforms, offering you a window to the exciting life of strangers, a life that you cannot afford. Facebook makes you hate your friends who post political opinions or crappy pictures of their mascots. Just get rid of the unnecessary information. Receiving a compliment in real life feels 1000 times better than getting lots of likes in Facebook.


There are downsides of not having a phone of course. The main one is how the world works, you need to be active, present and connected. I am not advocating for the life of the hermit without technology. Just by cutting on social media and limit the use of the internet to a few minutes per day,  you can increase your quality of life tremendously. You will start investing more in yourself, getting more exercise and reading more books. In other worlds, you become a better person.


The unrealistic portrayal of the feminine character in kids movies.

The female persona that is portrayed nowadays in movies differs a lot from those from the past. In fact, is quite the opposite. We now see strong, independent woman as secondary or main characters. This is a forced characterization that you don’t commonly see in real life. It is in fact the message that is being sent to our children, as part of the feminist agenda of female empowerment.

Lets analyze some of these characters and see how unrealistic they are.

Astrid, How to train your Dragon.


Her introduction is one of the most memorable ones. She appears before a wall of fire and turns to the camera in slow motion, letting the audience know that not only is she beautiful but also the leader of the crew. The main character, Hiccup, is completely in love with her (as if courage and strength are qualities that men look in women) and this sets the tone for the rest of the movie. He will do anything to impress her, in this case becoming the tamer of dragons and by doing so getting the approval of the town and also Astrid.

Now this is part of the hero’s journey. The boy, through hard work and effort, becomes a man, and he gains respect and status. However this archetype gets distorted here. The boy is submissive and coward, the girl is strong and courageous.

Astrid is rude and strong despite the absence of any muscle mass in her body. She wields an axe and a shield effortlessly. She is also the most skilled of the group in terms of fighting and dragon knowledge. About her looks, It is obvious that the creators wanted to keep some feminine features to make her appealing to the audience, mostly boys, but its safe to say that a girl with these rough characteristics would be someone with manly physical features.

Art3mis, Ready Player One.


Probably one of the most disgusting female designs I have ever seen. I often wonder how people find this attractive. Short red hair that reminds me of some kind of abyss fish, large ayes and a skin with scales like a snake. They obviously went overboard with the bad ass attitude on this one and the design reflects that. Again, she is one of the best players in the RPO universe, something that is extremely uncommon in real life as there are no good gamer girls. Her first interaction with the main character (a beta, insecure boy, go figure) is similar to that in How to Train your dragon. The guy is totally obsessed with this girl. She realizes this and acts with an authoritative, uninterested manner . What can he do in order to conquest this unreachable woman? Again, Hollywood making you think that this femme fatale is something we should be aiming for in terms of relationships.

SPOILER ALERT: To give you an idea of how feminized this movie is, the main character tells her that he loves her on the first date (emotional boy) and near the end of the movie he also sacrifices himself to save her from a terrible fate. This is the way feminists want men to be. Dependent, weak and disposable.

Eve, WALL E.



Seriously, I don’t really have to think much about what character to put on this list. Any Disney or Universal movie from the last several decades has some kind of unrealistic powerful woman, even if its in the form of a really sleek robot.

In the case of Wall E, the comparison between the male and female is abysmal. A dirty, garbage collector robot falls in love with a really advance female robot that, again, ignores him and treats him like shit. After so much effort they finally end up together, or do they? I cant remember, the point is that it is this robots goal to fight for the woman of their dreams, no matter what.

Elastic Girl, The Incredibles 2.


I think you could imagine the horror I felt after I watched the trailer of the incredibles 2. This only confirms how Disney is indoctrinating people from an early age. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. In the movie you see Elastic Girl as the new face of the super hero phenomena. She is the one who kicks ass, going for adventures and earning the big bucks. What about Mr. Incredible? Well he stays at home and takes care of the children. I don’t even will go into details as to why this is unrealistic and wrong but you can see that this is part of the comedy in the movie, judging by the trailers, you see Mr. Incredible literally being cucked. The original movie was OK, however when they try to push their agendas it losses all levels of credibility and appeal.

I can continue this endless list, I am not even going to talk about Star Wars or Frozen, movies that are famous for their strong, yet unrealistic, feminine characters.

The consequences.

its just a movie, relax!

The indoctrination of kids from a really young age has an enormous impact in adult life. I see that in society in general and more specifically in my close friends and family. Some of the mayor negatives effects are:

They condition men to feel inferior to women.

Some men do really feel inferior to women, even if these women are not particularly attractive or remarkable in anyway. They feel like they have to compensate for being men, so they act like provider, insecure wimps in front of them. This is what happens when pop culture is constantly throwing at you messages of The Future is Female and how men should just lower their heads and accept this new matriarchy based society.

I admit that the first time I saw these movies I never really thought about this forced agenda, but that only adds to it’s distressing nature. When you think that what you see is normal, you are already brainwashed.

It sets unrealistic expectations for women.

Part of the reason women feel so depressed nowadays is because society sold them the idea that they should go out and succeed at every aspect of life. Its part of the western philosophy to put so much emphasis on economic growth and status, attributes that up until not long ago were exclusive to men.

The more women believe this, the more they realize that it is extremely difficult to succeed, specially when you are competing against men. They also avoid having children and forming a family because that would limit their careers. This mentality goes against their nature. Their body is telling them to have babies but their mind wants money and status, causing them great distress and anxiety.

How Disney portrayed women before the sexual revolution.

See Snow White. Feminine, delicate, gracious. What did she do when she arrived at the dwarve’s house? She cleaned the whole place and cooked them a delicious meal! The animals and dwarves loved her, not because she was strong and independent, but because she was a beautiful, feminine princess.



Looking back it’s obvious to see a gradual change in female character personalities. Feminist and white knights will call it a positive change, part of our progressive culture of empowerment and acceptance, however you only need to look around and see the cons: high rates of divorce, lack of commitment from both parties, insecure men, depressed women, suicides, school shootings, etc.

We need to look back and recover some of the better attributes that made women and men attractive. We are not going to make it if we insist on forcing them to fit unrealistic, unnatural roles.



Information you need to ask your girlfriend before you commit

If you are dating a girl who is over 30 (or any age really) there are a few things you need to consider before committing to a serious relationship or marriage. Most people try to sell you the idea of “forget the past and focus on the present” but that is bullshit. The whole notion of a women having success with a man at this point of their lives is how well she is able to hide her past indiscretions. Don’t ignore them.

So I am doing a list of what information you need to know before you commit. I think it is important for you peace of mind and could help you avoid some nasty situations in the future. To be curious about this is not a sign of insecurity but a sign that you are aware of women’s nature.

Keep in mind that you cannot ask her these questions directly. Most girls will lie (modify the number of boyfriends for instance) and of course they will get mad and start to attack you. So use your best judgment and do your research to get more accurate responses.

Ask yourself why is she still single at 30+ years.

Most women are aware of the fact that the younger they commit, the better chances they have of securing a high value man. The older they are the lesser their value on the market. To be 30 years old, also known as The Wall, is a number that terrifies and also fills women with anxiety, specially if they are single. You will also notice that they are nicer around this age. Women will give you an excuse like “I haven’t met the right guy” Don’t fall into this trap and look for more information.

How many serious relationships she had before you?

This is a big one. Chances are they will tell you the same thing: 4 or 5 boyfriends when the reality is much more. In some cases you could add the number 1 to the left of that quantity. What difference does it make how many boyfriends she has been with? A lot, you can deduct how committed she is to a relationship and how easily she would go from one guy to the next depending on the amount of partners she had before you.

How sexually active was in her younger years? Did she go to nightclubs frequently?

One of those questions you cannot ask her directly of course, but you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. Inquiry with her friends and analyze her pictures she uploads to social media. You can tell how slutty a girl is based on her Instagram pictures.

How close is she to her family?

If she lives alone then you can rest assure that she has brought guys into her room in more than a couple of occasions. The freedom that comes with living alone gives women the opportunity to have casual sex while also keeping it a secret, avoiding slut shaming from family and friends.

On the other hand, if she lives with her parents, has a healthy relationship with her family and overall enjoys spending time with them, then that is good indicator that she will likely follow the path of the family life.

Ask her about past relationships.

If she talk about an specific ex boy friend that she “hates” and she keeps talking about how much damage that relationship caused, beware, she is probably still in love with him. Try to avoid this kind of women, the so called Alpha widows, that cant forget the ex boyfriend and probably never will.

If you ignore this warning you will have a hard time as she will always compare you with past relationships.

Is she giving you her best?

In some unconscious level I think that men are able to know when a woman is not giving her best both personally and sexually. You need to ask yourself, is this the best she can do? Does she sees you as her best catch? Do you think she gave everything to someone else and now she is just slacking? The way she looks at you, the way she smiles when she sees you, should give you some idea of this. If you think she is not being the best version of herself then you should reconsider your options and look for someone else.


Women are very VERY good at manipulating in the psychological. She can convince you that she is capable of no harm and will do anything to secure you. But you should know better and see past the smokescreen. If after knowing all of this you still love her, then go ahead. Don’t listen to the romantic notion that you should love her no matter what, you should never conform with less of what you deserve. Always read the small letters of the contract. A well informed man will help picking the right partner and secure a long and happy relationship.

Art in Downtown Monterrey.

I like Sundays. Any other day of the week I feel like I have responsibilities to attend, either work related or social, but in Sundays there is nothing of that, at least while I’m still single.

So I decided to go for a walk through the old part of my city (Barrio Antiguo). This time with the objective of capturing some of the art that is scattered on some of the old houses near downtown.

It appears that as part of an initiative to make the city prettier a collective of artists and designers got together and started painting murals on some of the walls throughout the city. Some of them are abstract and others with a specific theme.

A lot of these places are not very busy with visitors which adds to the mesmerizing effect of abandonment. It is good to see that most of these paintings haven’t been vandalized which leads me to believe that there is some respect for the artist’s work

I kept walking and finding more art.

This is one of my favorites. I bet it was a pain for the artist to paint over those bricks.
Erotic art.
More female bodies. Its a recurring theme. Happy to see that attractive female attributes are well represented on these murals.

I wish I could give some credit to the artists but most of these were unsigned. As you can see there are a lot of hidden gems if you know where to look.

Speaking of hidden gems I am also considering doing reviews of local food restaurants that lately have been appearing all around the city. Some of these have unique concepts. There is an increasing interest of anything that is organic, hand crafted, traditional and artistic. You wont see brand new malls with artificial lighting everywhere. The wooden tones and warm light give this place a cozy look and feel.

There is a restaurant inspired on popular figures of pop and rock. Inside is a bit cheesy but the music is good, plus you can make them play your songs which is always fun.


Overall I feel very optimistic about how this part of the city has improved over the years. Around 6 years ago there was an influx of crime and violence that significantly affected the businesses, tourism and nightlife. Those times are over and it looks like the city is going through a renaissance phase. I recommend taking a trip to this part of town, even if its just to appreciate the art that is in every corner.


A caged bird.

I honestly believe that part of the way women manipulate men on a daily basis is trying to suppress the fact that men, in general, are superior in many areas of life. A good analogy is that women see men as caged birds. Majestic birds with beautiful feathers and the capacity to fly high above into the sky. Women will try in subtle ways to let these birds know that they cannot fly, that they are not beautiful and that this cage is the best they will ever get and should be thankful for it. Most men will believe this fact. They will put the pussy on the pedestal and just lower their heads while these women slowly suck the energy out of their lives.


Some good women will encourage their man to reach full potential and will support him on achieving his goal. However it is only natural that many will  feel anxious when their partners (or even male friends) start going to the gym, invest in new career opportunities, travel more, get new fulfilling pass times or simply start wearing better clothes. It is true that women despise routine and predictability in their relationships however any drastic change that they see in their partner will trigger dread.

“Why is he going to the gym?”

“he is getting more handsome, is he seeing someone?”

“Does this mean I am not good enough for him?”

A lot of “rationality” goes inside the female mind when men slowly start realizing their true potential. By this point a couple of things could happen, either she adapts to your new self focused lifestyle or you leave her, unable to stand their constant nagging and bitching.

Women, once they get past their dread phase, will start to accept you, respect you and eventually admire you. She will be happy to be with a superior, high quality man. At this point you successfully pass the ultimate shit test. A test that separates the best men from the rest.


Unfortunately most men never go past the initial stages of self improvement. They succumb to their partner demands: “lets live together” “its time to settle down” “man up and take responsibility” are some of the most common phrases that women, and society in general, use to manipulate us. It is incredible how many men are wired to this mentality, specially around marriage. “I guess that is what is expected of me” so they go and marry the first women that open their legs for them (generally a woman past the 30 years old mark) and live the rest of their lives without even realizing a glimpse of their true potential and the freedom that comes with it.


A very important step to becoming a well developed man is realizing this fact. Look around, realize how people try to control you, I am not talking about government and institutions. I am talking about people who loves you: partner, family and friends. These people could be the fuel that takes you to the next level or could represent the chains that hold you to the ground.

It is never too late to break free.


There is not much new I can say about Japan that haven’t been said before. The first shock I had was when I arrived to Tokyo Station. An endless flow of people moving with expressionless faces and determined purpose. In contrast I looked like a wandering child, lost and confused.

I could write all day about Japan and still wouldnt be close to describing all what I experienced as a first time traveler. However instead I would make a list of the findings, r thing I found interesting or meaningful to me:

Their food is the best food.

This is from a local near Otomachi Station.

Even the most basic ramen was supperb but I guess that is only because I like asian food in general.

The beer was a little expensive but the quantity was always more than enough. That glass of beer was only 500 yen.

Breakfast at Denny’s.

I rarely had time to eat breakfast (I had to travel great distances in metro) but when I had the time I was pleasantly surprised with what you see above. Beans, mushrooms, and a bunch of other stuff make for an excellent breakfast.

Hell even the food that they sell while you wait for your train is good. Its also fun to figure out what the hell you are eating.

Cheap bento box is adorable.

Also it is easier to pay when they don’t force you to add tips. Unlike other western cities where you basically get banned off a restaurant if you don’t tip well.

They blend seamlessly nature, culture and technology.

Akihabara at night.

It was pretty common to see sights like the one above and then in a little alley a Buddhist temple. It was great walking down the street and see these little old houses with ancient stone structures.

This could be between two random houses in downtown Tokyo. It is actually a shrine in Yasaka
One of the many ponds inside Sento Imperial Palace.

Of course, in contrast with these, you get a lot of people obsessed with technology. Almost everyone at the metro was staring at their phones. Unlike in Mexico when they use it to check social media, Japanese people, even older ones, play small video game on their phone.

There were places like these around all japan. Inside it was going inside a casino in Las Vegas, a lot of noise, lights and smoking.

People are nice to foreigners (Unless you are an american)

I dont really have graphic support for this, but one thing I noticed is that they are not very fond of american people.

One screen inside one of the game in Studio Universal showed what should not be done once you are in the ride. They showed a white fat dude smoking and eating. The rest of the people were Japanese of course. They also blamed american if there was trash on the streets (a rare sight).

On the other hand I had a quite good experience being myself from Mexico. All the staff from every restaurant treated me well. The guys at the metro were very friendly. Even those who didn’t know a little bit of English tried to help me on whatever thing I was looking for.

People mind their one business and they don’t really pay attention to foreigners. This was in Hiroshima.
I tried my skills in one of those music games and I got a D on super easy. Which is super lame.

I think I covered some big ideas I had about Japan but I think I will keep talking about my trip in future posts.

On my way to Japan: Mexico City.

I Just arrived at Mexico City a couple of hours ago. Thankfully the weather is nice and chill, it is expected to rain later today buy I will be boarding the plane by then.

A bit hazy but the view was good.

So far so good. Early today I had a little bit of a headache but I think it was just hunger. I am having and ice cream for good fortune.

That bag on the back is my backpack. I think I underestimated how heavy it is. I’ve been walking around Zocalo and with every step the burden gets heavier. Still I rather have an oversized bagpack instead of loud stroller to be moving through the city. I also get out of the airport faster.

In a couple of hours I will be boarding the plane to L.A. I will be staying there for a night. The host of the Airbnb is a cuttie. She is showing some cleavage in all her pictures, I almost thought that I was browsing Tinder!

Turning babies into sluts


Here sweety, you will look more promiscuous with red lipstick

There is so much wrong with this picture. How she is forcefully applying lipstick, literally squeezing her face to make her turn her head and expose the lips. Her little hand trying hopelessly to make mommy stop. And her expression of complete discomfort while they laugh hysterically (at least that’s what I assume by the multiple smiley faces)

I know her mom. She is a cheating whore. She is married and sleeps with multiple men throughout a single week. I believe this baby is not her husband’s daughter. And here we have it, a whore in the making, they start really early as you can see.

This is a subtle form of child abuse. Don’t support this kind of behavior.

Where women get their power from

Women want to feel valuable. Specially to men. The way women get value is by being attractive to many men. They accomplish this thanks to their physical attributes and to a lesser degree to their personality and attitude. Feminism wants men and women to believe that women are more than their bodies and that they are worth more thanks to their profession, intelligence or career. This is false. Make no mistake, they get their value from how physically attractive they are to men.

Of course they know this. This is the reason they put on makeup, high heels and push up bras. This is the reason why platforms like Instagram and snap chat are so popular among women: They offer the perfect medium for women to get the attention of men.

Image result for instagram girl selfie
19.4k likes and 144 comments that she wont likely read

A good analogy is to think of women as small Gods. They need worshipers in order to exist. The more followers they have the more powerful they become. The Friendzone, for instance, was created by women as a place where they can better control men while not losing the attention they get from them.

Once you discover where women get their power you can finally understand how to get around their first line of defense. Show yourself as someone who does not care about their looks and as someone who is not willing to give your undivided attention so easily and they will see you as powerful. This power brings confidence which is very attractive.

They will use many tricks to keep this power on to you. Its not only makeup and revealing clothes. They will use subtle flirting when they talk to you, they change their demeanor, they will laugh more when they are around you and so on and so on.

The #1 common advice they give you when you get rejected by a girl you like is “ignore her”. For the most part this is not an easy task, specially if the girl is from your group of friends or a setting you regularly go like school or work. Most men don’t really go as far as to completely remove her from their life. This makes the process of detaching slow and painful.

I have zero tolerance for women who deliberately try to make me lose my time. If I already receive a rejection from them then there is only one option left. Ghost the shit out of her. Ignore her is not enough. Make as if she never existed. You will notice a change in their behavior, they will try to get your attention some way or another. Do not fall for this trap. A common mistake men make is that they think that she changed her mind about not liking you and now she is attracted to you. This is wrong, they are just looking for your attention.

Knowing this should help you tremendously. Don’t give your attention so easily and appreciate those who value your time.


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