On my way to Japan: Mexico City.

I Just arrived at Mexico City a couple of hours ago. Thankfully the weather is nice and chill, it is expected to rain later today buy I will be boarding the plane by then.

A bit hazy but the view was good.

So far so good. Early today I had a little bit of a headache but I think it was just hunger. I am having and ice cream for good fortune.

That bag on the back is my backpack. I think I underestimated how heavy it is. I’ve been walking around Zocalo and with every step the burden gets heavier. Still I rather have an oversized bagpack instead of loud stroller to be moving through the city. I also get out of the airport faster.

In a couple of hours I will be boarding the plane to L.A. I will be staying there for a night. The host of the Airbnb is a cuttie. She is showing some cleavage in all her pictures, I almost thought that I was browsing Tinder!

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