A caged bird.

I honestly believe that part of the way women manipulate men on a daily basis is trying to suppress the fact that men, in general, are superior in many areas of life. A good analogy is that women see men as caged birds. Majestic birds with beautiful feathers and the capacity to fly high above into the sky. Women will try in subtle ways to let these birds know that they cannot fly, that they are not beautiful and that this cage is the best they will ever get and should be thankful for it. Most men will believe this fact. They will put the pussy on the pedestal and just lower their heads while these women slowly suck the energy out of their lives.


Some good women will encourage their man to reach full potential and will support him on achieving his goal. However it is only natural that many will  feel anxious when their partners (or even male friends) start going to the gym, invest in new career opportunities, travel more, get new fulfilling pass times or simply start wearing better clothes. It is true that women despise routine and predictability in their relationships however any drastic change that they see in their partner will trigger dread.

“Why is he going to the gym?”

“he is getting more handsome, is he seeing someone?”

“Does this mean I am not good enough for him?”

A lot of “rationality” goes inside the female mind when men slowly start realizing their true potential. By this point a couple of things could happen, either she adapts to your new self focused lifestyle or you leave her, unable to stand their constant nagging and bitching.

Women, once they get past their dread phase, will start to accept you, respect you and eventually admire you. She will be happy to be with a superior, high quality man. At this point you successfully pass the ultimate shit test. A test that separates the best men from the rest.


Unfortunately most men never go past the initial stages of self improvement. They succumb to their partner demands: “lets live together” “its time to settle down” “man up and take responsibility” are some of the most common phrases that women, and society in general, use to manipulate us. It is incredible how many men are wired to this mentality, specially around marriage. “I guess that is what is expected of me” so they go and marry the first women that open their legs for them (generally a woman past the 30 years old mark) and live the rest of their lives without even realizing a glimpse of their true potential and the freedom that comes with it.


A very important step to becoming a well developed man is realizing this fact. Look around, realize how people try to control you, I am not talking about government and institutions. I am talking about people who loves you: partner, family and friends. These people could be the fuel that takes you to the next level or could represent the chains that hold you to the ground.

It is never too late to break free.

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