Art in Downtown Monterrey.

I like Sundays. Any other day of the week I feel like I have responsibilities to attend, either work related or social, but in Sundays there is nothing of that, at least while I’m still single.

So I decided to go for a walk through the old part of my city (Barrio Antiguo). This time with the objective of capturing some of the art that is scattered on some of the old houses near downtown.

It appears that as part of an initiative to make the city prettier a collective of artists and designers got together and started painting murals on some of the walls throughout the city. Some of them are abstract and others with a specific theme.

A lot of these places are not very busy with visitors which adds to the mesmerizing effect of abandonment. It is good to see that most of these paintings haven’t been vandalized which leads me to believe that there is some respect for the artist’s work

I kept walking and finding more art.

This is one of my favorites. I bet it was a pain for the artist to paint over those bricks.
Erotic art.
More female bodies. Its a recurring theme. Happy to see that attractive female attributes are well represented on these murals.

I wish I could give some credit to the artists but most of these were unsigned. As you can see there are a lot of hidden gems if you know where to look.

Speaking of hidden gems I am also considering doing reviews of local food restaurants that lately have been appearing all around the city. Some of these have unique concepts. There is an increasing interest of anything that is organic, hand crafted, traditional and artistic. You wont see brand new malls with artificial lighting everywhere. The wooden tones and warm light give this place a cozy look and feel.

There is a restaurant inspired on popular figures of pop and rock. Inside is a bit cheesy but the music is good, plus you can make them play your songs which is always fun.


Overall I feel very optimistic about how this part of the city has improved over the years. Around 6 years ago there was an influx of crime and violence that significantly affected the businesses, tourism and nightlife. Those times are over and it looks like the city is going through a renaissance phase. I recommend taking a trip to this part of town, even if its just to appreciate the art that is in every corner.


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