Information you need to ask your girlfriend before you commit

If you are dating a girl who is over 30 (or any age really) there are a few things you need to consider before committing to a serious relationship or marriage. Most people try to sell you the idea of “forget the past and focus on the present” but that is bullshit. The whole notion of a women having success with a man at this point of their lives is how well she is able to hide her past indiscretions. Don’t ignore them.

So I am doing a list of what information you need to know before you commit. I think it is important for you peace of mind and could help you avoid some nasty situations in the future. To be curious about this is not a sign of insecurity but a sign that you are aware of women’s nature.

Keep in mind that you cannot ask her these questions directly. Most girls will lie (modify the number of boyfriends for instance) and of course they will get mad and start to attack you. So use your best judgment and do your research to get more accurate responses.

Ask yourself why is she still single at 30+ years.

Most women are aware of the fact that the younger they commit, the better chances they have of securing a high value man. The older they are the lesser their value on the market. To be 30 years old, also known as The Wall, is a number that terrifies and also fills women with anxiety, specially if they are single. You will also notice that they are nicer around this age. Women will give you an excuse like “I haven’t met the right guy” Don’t fall into this trap and look for more information.

How many serious relationships she had before you?

This is a big one. Chances are they will tell you the same thing: 4 or 5 boyfriends when the reality is much more. In some cases you could add the number 1 to the left of that quantity. What difference does it make how many boyfriends she has been with? A lot, you can deduct how committed she is to a relationship and how easily she would go from one guy to the next depending on the amount of partners she had before you.

How sexually active was in her younger years? Did she go to nightclubs frequently?

One of those questions you cannot ask her directly of course, but you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. Inquiry with her friends and analyze her pictures she uploads to social media. You can tell how slutty a girl is based on her Instagram pictures.

How close is she to her family?

If she lives alone then you can rest assure that she has brought guys into her room in more than a couple of occasions. The freedom that comes with living alone gives women the opportunity to have casual sex while also keeping it a secret, avoiding slut shaming from family and friends.

On the other hand, if she lives with her parents, has a healthy relationship with her family and overall enjoys spending time with them, then that is good indicator that she will likely follow the path of the family life.

Ask her about past relationships.

If she talk about an specific ex boy friend that she “hates” and she keeps talking about how much damage that relationship caused, beware, she is probably still in love with him. Try to avoid this kind of women, the so called Alpha widows, that cant forget the ex boyfriend and probably never will.

If you ignore this warning you will have a hard time as she will always compare you with past relationships.

Is she giving you her best?

In some unconscious level I think that men are able to know when a woman is not giving her best both personally and sexually. You need to ask yourself, is this the best she can do? Does she sees you as her best catch? Do you think she gave everything to someone else and now she is just slacking? The way she looks at you, the way she smiles when she sees you, should give you some idea of this. If you think she is not being the best version of herself then you should reconsider your options and look for someone else.


Women are very VERY good at manipulating in the psychological. She can convince you that she is capable of no harm and will do anything to secure you. But you should know better and see past the smokescreen. If after knowing all of this you still love her, then go ahead. Don’t listen to the romantic notion that you should love her no matter what, you should never conform with less of what you deserve. Always read the small letters of the contract. A well informed man will help picking the right partner and secure a long and happy relationship.

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