The unrealistic portrayal of the feminine character in kids movies.

The female persona that is portrayed nowadays in movies differs a lot from those from the past. In fact, is quite the opposite. We now see strong, independent woman as secondary or main characters. This is a forced characterization that you don’t commonly see in real life. It is in fact the message that is being sent to our children, as part of the feminist agenda of female empowerment.

Lets analyze some of these characters and see how unrealistic they are.

Astrid, How to train your Dragon.


Her introduction is one of the most memorable ones. She appears before a wall of fire and turns to the camera in slow motion, letting the audience know that not only is she beautiful but also the leader of the crew. The main character, Hiccup, is completely in love with her (as if courage and strength are qualities that men look in women) and this sets the tone for the rest of the movie. He will do anything to impress her, in this case becoming the tamer of dragons and by doing so getting the approval of the town and also Astrid.

Now this is part of the hero’s journey. The boy, through hard work and effort, becomes a man, and he gains respect and status. However this archetype gets distorted here. The boy is submissive and coward, the girl is strong and courageous.

Astrid is rude and strong despite the absence of any muscle mass in her body. She wields an axe and a shield effortlessly. She is also the most skilled of the group in terms of fighting and dragon knowledge. About her looks, It is obvious that the creators wanted to keep some feminine features to make her appealing to the audience, mostly boys, but its safe to say that a girl with these rough characteristics would be someone with manly physical features.

Art3mis, Ready Player One.


Probably one of the most disgusting female designs I have ever seen. I often wonder how people find this attractive. Short red hair that reminds me of some kind of abyss fish, large ayes and a skin with scales like a snake. They obviously went overboard with the bad ass attitude on this one and the design reflects that. Again, she is one of the best players in the RPO universe, something that is extremely uncommon in real life as there are no good gamer girls. Her first interaction with the main character (a beta, insecure boy, go figure) is similar to that in How to Train your dragon. The guy is totally obsessed with this girl. She realizes this and acts with an authoritative, uninterested manner . What can he do in order to conquest this unreachable woman? Again, Hollywood making you think that this femme fatale is something we should be aiming for in terms of relationships.

SPOILER ALERT: To give you an idea of how feminized this movie is, the main character tells her that he loves her on the first date (emotional boy) and near the end of the movie he also sacrifices himself to save her from a terrible fate. This is the way feminists want men to be. Dependent, weak and disposable.

Eve, WALL E.



Seriously, I don’t really have to think much about what character to put on this list. Any Disney or Universal movie from the last several decades has some kind of unrealistic powerful woman, even if its in the form of a really sleek robot.

In the case of Wall E, the comparison between the male and female is abysmal. A dirty, garbage collector robot falls in love with a really advance female robot that, again, ignores him and treats him like shit. After so much effort they finally end up together, or do they? I cant remember, the point is that it is this robots goal to fight for the woman of their dreams, no matter what.

Elastic Girl, The Incredibles 2.


I think you could imagine the horror I felt after I watched the trailer of the incredibles 2. This only confirms how Disney is indoctrinating people from an early age. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. In the movie you see Elastic Girl as the new face of the super hero phenomena. She is the one who kicks ass, going for adventures and earning the big bucks. What about Mr. Incredible? Well he stays at home and takes care of the children. I don’t even will go into details as to why this is unrealistic and wrong but you can see that this is part of the comedy in the movie, judging by the trailers, you see Mr. Incredible literally being cucked. The original movie was OK, however when they try to push their agendas it losses all levels of credibility and appeal.

I can continue this endless list, I am not even going to talk about Star Wars or Frozen, movies that are famous for their strong, yet unrealistic, feminine characters.

The consequences.

its just a movie, relax!

The indoctrination of kids from a really young age has an enormous impact in adult life. I see that in society in general and more specifically in my close friends and family. Some of the mayor negatives effects are:

They condition men to feel inferior to women.

Some men do really feel inferior to women, even if these women are not particularly attractive or remarkable in anyway. They feel like they have to compensate for being men, so they act like provider, insecure wimps in front of them. This is what happens when pop culture is constantly throwing at you messages of The Future is Female and how men should just lower their heads and accept this new matriarchy based society.

I admit that the first time I saw these movies I never really thought about this forced agenda, but that only adds to it’s distressing nature. When you think that what you see is normal, you are already brainwashed.

It sets unrealistic expectations for women.

Part of the reason women feel so depressed nowadays is because society sold them the idea that they should go out and succeed at every aspect of life. Its part of the western philosophy to put so much emphasis on economic growth and status, attributes that up until not long ago were exclusive to men.

The more women believe this, the more they realize that it is extremely difficult to succeed, specially when you are competing against men. They also avoid having children and forming a family because that would limit their careers. This mentality goes against their nature. Their body is telling them to have babies but their mind wants money and status, causing them great distress and anxiety.

How Disney portrayed women before the sexual revolution.

See Snow White. Feminine, delicate, gracious. What did she do when she arrived at the dwarve’s house? She cleaned the whole place and cooked them a delicious meal! The animals and dwarves loved her, not because she was strong and independent, but because she was a beautiful, feminine princess.



Looking back it’s obvious to see a gradual change in female character personalities. Feminist and white knights will call it a positive change, part of our progressive culture of empowerment and acceptance, however you only need to look around and see the cons: high rates of divorce, lack of commitment from both parties, insecure men, depressed women, suicides, school shootings, etc.

We need to look back and recover some of the better attributes that made women and men attractive. We are not going to make it if we insist on forcing them to fit unrealistic, unnatural roles.



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