There is not much new I can say about Japan that haven’t been said before. The first shock I had was when I arrived to Tokyo Station. An endless flow of people moving with expressionless faces and determined purpose. In contrast I looked like a wandering child, lost and confused.

I could write all day about Japan and still wouldnt be close to describing all what I experienced as a first time traveler. However instead I would make a list of the findings, r thing I found interesting or meaningful to me:

Their food is the best food.

This is from a local near Otomachi Station.

Even the most basic ramen was supperb but I guess that is only because I like asian food in general.

The beer was a little expensive but the quantity was always more than enough. That glass of beer was only 500 yen.

Breakfast at Denny’s.

I rarely had time to eat breakfast (I had to travel great distances in metro) but when I had the time I was pleasantly surprised with what you see above. Beans, mushrooms, and a bunch of other stuff make for an excellent breakfast.

Hell even the food that they sell while you wait for your train is good. Its also fun to figure out what the hell you are eating.

Cheap bento box is adorable.

Also it is easier to pay when they don’t force you to add tips. Unlike other western cities where you basically get banned off a restaurant if you don’t tip well.

They blend seamlessly nature, culture and technology.

Akihabara at night.

It was pretty common to see sights like the one above and then in a little alley a Buddhist temple. It was great walking down the street and see these little old houses with ancient stone structures.

This could be between two random houses in downtown Tokyo. It is actually a shrine in Yasaka
One of the many ponds inside Sento Imperial Palace.

Of course, in contrast with these, you get a lot of people obsessed with technology. Almost everyone at the metro was staring at their phones. Unlike in Mexico when they use it to check social media, Japanese people, even older ones, play small video game on their phone.

There were places like these around all japan. Inside it was going inside a casino in Las Vegas, a lot of noise, lights and smoking.

People are nice to foreigners (Unless you are an american)

I dont really have graphic support for this, but one thing I noticed is that they are not very fond of american people.

One screen inside one of the game in Studio Universal showed what should not be done once you are in the ride. They showed a white fat dude smoking and eating. The rest of the people were Japanese of course. They also blamed american if there was trash on the streets (a rare sight).

On the other hand I had a quite good experience being myself from Mexico. All the staff from every restaurant treated me well. The guys at the metro were very friendly. Even those who didn’t know a little bit of English tried to help me on whatever thing I was looking for.

People mind their one business and they don’t really pay attention to foreigners. This was in Hiroshima.
I tried my skills in one of those music games and I got a D on super easy. Which is super lame.

I think I covered some big ideas I had about Japan but I think I will keep talking about my trip in future posts.

On my way to Japan: Mexico City.

I Just arrived at Mexico City a couple of hours ago. Thankfully the weather is nice and chill, it is expected to rain later today buy I will be boarding the plane by then.

A bit hazy but the view was good.

So far so good. Early today I had a little bit of a headache but I think it was just hunger. I am having and ice cream for good fortune.

That bag on the back is my backpack. I think I underestimated how heavy it is. I’ve been walking around Zocalo and with every step the burden gets heavier. Still I rather have an oversized bagpack instead of loud stroller to be moving through the city. I also get out of the airport faster.

In a couple of hours I will be boarding the plane to L.A. I will be staying there for a night. The host of the Airbnb is a cuttie. She is showing some cleavage in all her pictures, I almost thought that I was browsing Tinder!

Where women get their power from

Women want to feel valuable. Specially to men. The way women get value is by being attractive to many men. They accomplish this thanks to their physical attributes and to a lesser degree to their personality and attitude. Feminism wants men and women to believe that women are more than their bodies and that they are worth more thanks to their profession, intelligence or career. This is false. Make no mistake, they get their value from how physically attractive they are to men.

Of course they know this. This is the reason they put on makeup, high heels and push up bras. This is the reason why platforms like Instagram and snap chat are so popular among women: They offer the perfect medium for women to get the attention of men.

Image result for instagram girl selfie
19.4k likes and 144 comments that she wont likely read

A good analogy is to think of women as small Gods. They need worshipers in order to exist. The more followers they have the more powerful they become. The Friendzone, for instance, was created by women as a place where they can better control men while not losing the attention they get from them.

Once you discover where women get their power you can finally understand how to get around their first line of defense. Show yourself as someone who does not care about their looks and as someone who is not willing to give your undivided attention so easily and they will see you as powerful. This power brings confidence which is very attractive.

They will use many tricks to keep this power on to you. Its not only makeup and revealing clothes. They will use subtle flirting when they talk to you, they change their demeanor, they will laugh more when they are around you and so on and so on.

The #1 common advice they give you when you get rejected by a girl you like is “ignore her”. For the most part this is not an easy task, specially if the girl is from your group of friends or a setting you regularly go like school or work. Most men don’t really go as far as to completely remove her from their life. This makes the process of detaching slow and painful.

I have zero tolerance for women who deliberately try to make me lose my time. If I already receive a rejection from them then there is only one option left. Ghost the shit out of her. Ignore her is not enough. Make as if she never existed. You will notice a change in their behavior, they will try to get your attention some way or another. Do not fall for this trap. A common mistake men make is that they think that she changed her mind about not liking you and now she is attracted to you. This is wrong, they are just looking for your attention.

Knowing this should help you tremendously. Don’t give your attention so easily and appreciate those who value your time.


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